The Polo Room

The Polo Room opened on New Years Eve, 1999, doing what it has since proven to do best: provide the perfect place to have a celebration! Known before as the Polo VFW Hall, The Polo Room was built after World War II in the early 1950's. Taking advantage of natural cooling, the veterans from Polo built their VFW underground. Once opened, the building became the "place to be" in Polo, IL. The design and layout of the building provides a large, open room to celebrate weddings, reunions, and family as well as business functions. The bar area allows guests the opportunity to watch and be a part of all the festivities without missing anything.

Today, The Polo Room continues to provide the same "open" atmosphere and has become popular with many local bands and business promoters because of its size, location, and availability of parking. With the opening of The Polo Room's restaurant in 2010, The Polo Room has become known for its food as well as its down home, local atmosphere. Now additionally famous for it's low-priced Chicken dinner special, The Polo Room can offer not only a place to celebrate a family or business event, but also a great place to come eat, drink and relax.

With the addition of our Video Gaming machines in March of 2013, The Polo Room became the first establishment in Polo, IL to offer legal video gaming! Today, The Polo Room remains the only place in Polo, Illinois where you can go to eat, drink, be entertained, and try your hand at winning some extra money!